web 1.0 conf playground

Learning how to use Neocities at the Lewis & Clark web 1.0 conference.

any alum are free to ping me for help (although warning: haven't really done much html since 2003.)


who are you?

ms. james keller
(i was james mcnamara when i used to hang out on campus)

accidental entrepreneur. designer of micro digital moments & wrangler of designy-type people. pillow fort architect. five whole feet of fury. not necessarily in that order.

my personal 1.0 style website - my college roomate and i bought the domain and made the first version of this site while drunk on cheap beer in 1998 or so.

fun fact: i hand coded bits of lclark.edu back when hand coding was really just a thing. i can't remember, but it was probably work study.

Where I live online

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